My early career was in hospitality which is a very sociable world. I can't remember a week where there wasn't a night out with co-workers or a lunch on a day off with a colleague. Admittedly a great deal of this is born out of the fact that the only people off at the same time as you are those from the same industry however I also know that many of my closest friends still in my life were made during those years.

Having migrated into more traditional working hours I still find it a little odd that most office workers don't spend time with each other away from work. 

Reading this article makes me wonder is this actually a generational thing or cultural? Well as with most things it is probably a bit of both.

Inevitably as your circumstances change so does your free time, however I am a big believer that colleagues need a bit of time away to relax and have some fun together and I am even more convinced that those who do it out of choice are the strongest teams.

It can't be all work all of the time.