Like myself you are probably a little confused with the conflicting news coming out of the construction industry of late.

Although I appreciate residential makes up only a portion of our industry as a whole, over the past month I have read articles on how the industry is grinding to a worrying halt; how merchants are post record revenues and how manufacturers of building products are being forced to increase prices due to raw material costs, thus putting a further stain on the main contractors.  Its all pretty confusing.

I am poising the question of stability and what the future holds wherever I go.  Just last week I was with two offsite manufacturing MD's who say the futures bright.  For me a massive litmus test was asking an owner of a large tier two groundworks contractor, who specialise in industrial and commercial projects nationally.  His response - the world keeps moving, investors are still investing and projects are given the go ahead.

Although the NHBC's latest findings point towards a slight downturn in new property registrations, I was buoyed to read that affordable housing is on the increase (in fact by some 19% on the first quarter....and about time too!)  Lets hope it keeps the wheels of housing fully turning and adequately oiled.