The days of the pushy salesman are long gone in most industries, buyers are just too well informed with easy access to similar brands and price comparisons so the need for a good 'sales radar' is stronger than ever. Too many times I speak with sales people who after a great deal of effort are left wondering where the sale when wrong, and with buyer feedback that comes as a surprise.

This article spells out 7 good reasons salespeople struggle to close deals and I agree with all of them. It can be hard in sales to identify where a sale when wrong, the close is final proof of success but it can be much earlier in the process that the sale was won or lost.

What hasn't changed in sales is the importance of how the relationship starts off, good relationships are vital as is being able to show value in your product and services but I would suggest that the final piece of the puzzle is simply letting the buyer buy! 

Simple - no it's really hard, but there is one point that is obvious but very often overlooked - have we actually found out what the buyer wants and have we provided a solution that matches?

On so many occasions I know I haven't, I've been on my own agenda wanting to educate on why my solution is right and that just doesn't cut it anymore.

I like the term Chameleon used in this article although at Collingwood we would describe this as being on the clients agenda, and that doesn't mean pretend to be, that means truly be on the clients agenda.