I have just been reading this article about the role HR can and is playing in helping organisations and the people within them with the looming presence of Brexit.

It's an interesting topic and this article gives me a thought that actually could generate a real positive from this disruptive period. 

Personally I hate having to trudge through what I often deem as being unnecessary process and endless steps to implement a new way of working or a new idea - it drives me mad. My feeling is that when something is qualified as a good idea and your are in a position to action it then get cracking. However being less risk averse myself I realise some checks and balances are needed but in my experience the journey from idea to implementation and then to results is often far too long.

 In the political world we call this bureaucracy, and we are all witnessing the strangling effect this is having on UK business.

I believe that the learning approach mentioned in this article is the answer but I would suggest this starts with mindset. If we agree that those companies that allow for an open minded approach are the ones that will be more agile, then I would further suggest that it takes confidence to be open minded and if innovation is about creative and decisive thinking, then lets start with these three things. 

Decision making, confidence and mindset, start there and the agile strategies will follow.