Any effective recruitment process aimed at finding, enticing and securing talent that will take your business to the next level should be based on great communication.

It is unlikely that great candidates are queuing up to work for you, therefore the way you engage with them will be a large part of their decision to join you or not.

Think about it, you invest your time researching and then applying for a job and then you have either no communication or sporadic communication from the company, how would this make you feel? Would you feel excited by it? Would it make you think that they really care about you and would you get excited thinking you would relish this level of communication when you join and set out to achieve your career ambitions with them? I am hoping you are saying no.

A recruitment process should be thought about before it is embarked upon, the key stakeholders in it (internal and external) should all understand it and be engaged in it and, therefore a communication strategy should be easy to put around it.

Armed with this detailed plan, filled with achievable dated milestones, it should be easy to provide clarity to candidates at the outset and allow them to understand exactly what they are getting involved in. This will also make communicating with them easy, as you will be aligned with their expectations all the way through the process.

If such a planned process is not possible, then you must also communicate this and then ensure that you maintain regular dialogue with candidates. Even if you have no news it is always good to check in. The way you communicate is reflective of the employer brand you are creating. You can't over communicate either.