What a very refreshing article to read, I agree with all of it because the reality is that as humans we are hard wired to be very sceptical of success and when we put a little bit of uncertainty and ego into the mix it becomes very easy to qualify a task as impossible.

When tackling an organisational or culture change project there is no ignoring the fact that there will be scepticism, reticence and sometimes fear about change. The difficulty in my experience is not always born from the change itself but from the inevitability that a few more vocal individuals can easily reinforce the natural doubt we have in our minds around change.

There are ways to combat this and they revolve around two words - Clarity and Communication. Clarity comes from a well defined and credible strategy, in effect a well mapped out journey from the Reality to the Destination and this in turn reinforces a sense of belief in leadership. 

Communication is key during periods of change, thinking about the essence of this well written article employees need to have the positive reinforced much more strongly to negate our natural perspectives. 

The reason that during change our strategies need Clarity and Communication is that a good strategy enhances the chance of success, clarity allows for better execution and measuring of success and how we communicate these successes determines how we perceive and feel about change.

Great article.