I shouldn't be surprised to read this article, I meet with many people that are suffering from burn out. However, the comment from this CEO is troubling because her desire to contact employees out of working hours is not born out of necessity it is simply because she wants to.

Let's be clear, our work may well define us, it may well be an employee's choice to work on their own time and inevitably sometimes you have to give a little more, to get things done, but this kind of thing is not OK.

Over the last ten years, most businesses have looked at how to better their levels of engagement, it's been enlightening for many organisations but not always successful, and I believe that is because engagement is born from something larger - Culture and Organisational Dynamics. 

The underlying attitudes, beliefs of the workforce, the priorities and behaviours of leadership and also the systems, structures and processes all contribute.

As we race towards 2020 and enter an ever more competitive environment for talent those companies with a more forward thinking approach will fair the best.