We have been enlisted of late to support a culture change project in a long established business. The work the executive team have done has been excellent and brave, redefining an already successful business takes a leap of faith, however ensuring you are fit for the future also makes sense.  

Reading this article below makes me think of a scenario I usually come across when rolling out a new vision and enabling a shift in culture and this is the age old grapple with conditional responsibility. The writer of this article talks about 'career malaise' and I love that term it sums it up perfectly. The context in the article is different to mine but we end up at the same point.

Letting yourself get to the point of malaise is very dis-empowering and employees often do it to themselves but much in the same way re-defining a companies purpose is revitalising it is also for the individual. 

People and businesses are actually very similar, both lose sight of their true goals, both have periods of excellence and mediocrity and both can be resistant to change. Finding yourself and/or your business in a place you don't want to be doesn't have to be accepted. 

As this author says it's about 'assessing what you want out of work" and embracing the changes that get you there.