Cheshire & Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership has revealed a refreshed Strategic Economic Plan, setting out how the area aims to double its economy by 2040.

The new plan aims to grow the economy to at least £50bn of gross added value a year, create 120,000 net additional jobs, and build 127,000 new homes.

Key priorities and action points outlined in the plan include:

  • Transport: improving the road and rail network and better co-ordinating public transport services to enhance the area’s important commuting routes
  • Housing: ensuring the right numbers, type and quality of housing is developed in the right locations, at affordable prices; increase provision of smaller homes in urban areas to attract younger population
  • Skills: encouraging employers to work with young people on career opportunities so they can understand what skills and education they need
  • Energy: providing a roadmap for the LEP and its partners to capitalise on the area’s strengths in the energy sector, and deliver affordable energy and clean growth

Exciting times!