What an interesting article and a great bit of research to undertake, understanding what the needs of the coachee are is imperative and of course, the stage of your career and experience play a major part.

What this article makes me think of is how much opinion based information is often fed into the start of a coaching process. I'm not saying it's not important to find out things like where their line manager would like to see them develop, points like that are of course imperative, what I am saying is that that is not enough.

What's needed on top are some facts, some unbiased information that has not been impacted by relationships, perspectives, commercial drivers and personal experience. 

So far this year we have been involved in exec coaching, leadership transitions and on-boarding new exec's, our approach is to use an assessment such as Hogan as the start point. It gives everyone a fact-driven, solid base to build from. Read about our approach here.

As reaffirmed in this article, understanding what the individual needs will actually deliver more of what they and their line manager want.