I must first of all admit that I haven't yet heard of a non HR professional taking up the role of CHRO with any of our clients, however, the ideas in this article make a robust argument for it to happen.

One of the complaints I do hear about HR is that they are distant from customers, don't really understand the sharp end and are merely employed to minimise risk, align the business to modern HR policies and practices and that they are a back office function.

I already hear the HR professionals reading this shouting at me but it is true in a lot of businesses that I have met.

I really like the idea in this article that a CHRO should be someone who has successfully led other parts of the business and gained a good understanding of the external environment the business is operating in, how the company is delivering its strategy and what the people and the customers think of it.

I like the idea that HR should not be a back office function and should instead be an integral, forward thinking, strategic part of the business that shapes the organisation to deliver its sought outcomes.

It is a really exciting role if you think about it. What Leader wouldn't want to lead on shaping their organisation to deliver success?