Recruiting great people can be such a complicated and arduous process especially when you start out not knowing what good looks like!

So many of us don't give enough time to investigate what the business is trying to achieve in the long term and subsequently determine the type of person or key behaviours that we need to achieve our Vision. Too much recruitment is focused on the here and now and the expertise or competencies that we need today instead of consider the longer game of the culture and team we need to build to achieve high performance.

Equally, too many companies are willing to "take a punt" and see what happens which can be a very expensive exercise!

This article brings the focus of recruiting great people (particularly relevant when you are driving change in your business) into 3 main areas;

1. Do they actually care?

2. Are they willing to be accountable?

3. Do they have a learning mentality?

Having led a strategic and cultural transformation at Collingwood I really think our performance would have accelerated at a faster pace if we had prioritised these 3 behaviours. All 3 have a huge impact when you are trying to drive change and embed a performance culture.