An interesting read especially for someone who has started a business and re-modelled its strategy a few times. 

Quite a number of points made in this article really resonated with me, including;

1.Set your Vision early and understand the culture you want to create before you start employing anyone. In the early days it is very easy to be flattered that people want to work for you and settle for putting bums on seats instead of setting the bar high and hiring A players straight away. 

2.Hiring B players and letting them recruit will open the doors to C players in your business and then you have a hard task to create a high performing team.

3.Communicating a clear vision and your expectations of what you want achieved from day one is critical. 

4. You have to lead by example and do what you have asked everyone else to do. There is no room for slacking and you have to set the bar at the height you expect your team to reach.

5.Stay fully engaged with your people and culture at all times and not just when it feels bad or employees start leaving in droves.

This article has been a great opportunity of reflection for me and I hope it is for you too!