Predictably, Brexit will dominate the agenda, with eight bills introduced. Areas covered included customs, trade, immigration, fisheries, agriculture, nuclear safeguards and international sanctions. It is likely that further Bills will need to be introduced to cover other areas in due course.

One important bill that caught my attention and impacts the built environment is;

Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill

The bill aims to reform planning and give local communities more power and control to shape their area so that the Queen stated: “we build more houses and give everyone who works hard the chance to buy their own home”.

The purpose of the bill, the government said, is to support its ambition to deliver one million new homes while at the same time “protecting those areas that we value most including the green belt”.

It should also deliver the homes and infrastructure the country needs and transform the way major infrastructure projects are planned for, helping the government to deliver it's manifesto pledge to "invest over £100 billion in our infrastructure over this Parliament".

According to the background notes for the speech, the bill would, among other things, include:

• Measures to reform and speed up the planning process by minimising delays caused by pre-commencement planning conditions. It will ensure that the conditions are only imposed where they are “absolutely necessary”.

• Streamlined processes supporting neighborhoods to come together to agree plans that will decide where things get built in their local area.

• Measures to make the compulsory purchase order process “clearer, fairer and faster” for all those involved.

• A new statutory basis for the independent National Infrastructure Commission, to help invest in Britain’s long-term future. The commission would provide the government with “expert, independent” advice on infrastructure issues, setting out a “clear, strategic vision” on the future infrastructure needed to ensure the UK economy is fit for 2050.

• Enabling the privatisation of Land Registry.

The link below from Christian Spence, Head of Research and Policy at GMCC, gives a wider view of the speech.