I totally agree with the recommendation of this article that when growing a team or a company you should hire peers and your assessments should focus on their core value system, their behaviours and the vision they have for themselves.

Hiring employees who can do a great job and make money for you is absolutely the wrong approach and is highly likely to result in tears down the line.

This is not just my theory, I have unfortunately endured the pain of such wrong decisions. Unless everyone is on the bus, pointing in the same direction and sharing the same values and vision, you will be in trouble and toxicity will creep into your culture.

I urge you to really think about the culture you are trying to create and then reflect on the behaviours of peers that will ensure your dream becomes a reality. This also can't happen assessing potential employees with your "gut feel". You must use validated assessment tools to really get under their skin and guarantee that you understand their behavioural make up.