It was great to have this catch up with John, he was very open, honest and it was extremely interesting to get his insights on his role, team and his views on the property marketplace, as he sees it.

In short, he is cautiously optimistic about the market, to date trading has been much better than expected following Brexit. However the current ‘trend’ of elections doesn’t help, most markets don’t like the uncertainty elections bring and property is no different. Bearing in mind the volume of foreign investors (referring specifically European, Middle-Eastern, Far-Eastern, U.S and Canadian investors) this point doesn’t just refer to the UK. 

John spoke about many topics but highlighted the successful relationship between the public and private sector as being critical to the strong position the Northern market is in and of course, he is keen to maintain these relationships moving forward.

 It was a pleasure to get his thoughts, I think it is well worth a quick read.