Recruiting any employee is such a complicated process to get right especially if you don't prepare properly and invest time and resources to really understand what you want and need to deliver your strategic ambitions.

So few companies actually do any groundwork before they commence the process to hire a new leader to their organisation and are prepared to see what happens and the candidate pool they are presented with at the time. 

I totally agree with this article that any recruitment process should start by looking internally. What is your current culture? Does it need to change? Do you want a new leader that will simply fit into your existing culture and structure or do you need someone very different who will drive change? What are the barriers preventing exceptional performance and where are the weaknesses in the business that need resolving? 

We have met quite a number of companies who have dismissed a member of the board because they didn't fit but in actually fact, when we have used tools to assess and diagnose, it is the rest of the Board who should have moved on!!

Are you recruiting a new leader for today or tomorrow's strategy? 

Fundamentally, investing time up front is critical so you can understand the situation based on facts, not "gut feel" so you can ensure you appoint a leader who will deliver sought results.