Diversity is firmly on the recruitment agenda now, it is long overdue and it is a pleasure to hear our clients discussing it as part of most briefings.

I do believe that diversity is going from being a buzz word to the realisation that a diverse workforce adds huge value to an organisation and a significant positive impact on its performance. 

There is a reality though. We work with clients of all sizes from start-ups to global $multi-billion organisations and I do feel that SME businesses have bigger barriers to overcome and more significant cultural obstacles to negotiate. 

The difference between a business located in a city such as Manchester or London and one in a rural location is likely to be stark. Both have very different potential workforces to call from and which will make a policy of growing a diverse workforce either easier or more difficult. 

In summary companies may want to employ a diverse workforce but the pool available to them will dictate the speed at which they can change.