With the British and Irish Lions rugby tour of New Zealand well under way there has been much said and written about the tour so far. In short two very unconvincing Lions performances and one very good one. As a result of this start the tour management/leadership has come under immediate scrutiny and criticism, only time will tell if this is fair or not. In the link below there is a fascinating Q&A with Sir Ian McGeechan, one of the greats of the coaching world. He talks about leadership from a rugby perspective and how it translates to the business environment.

He talks about creating ownership at every level, here are five keys points that help teams get to that level of ownership.

  • Learning environments – committed to developing talent.
  • Inclusive environments – committed to the benefits of shared insights, creative diversity and collective responsibility.
  • Emotionally intelligent environments – where honesty, authenticity, connection, contribution and genuine partnership is emphasised and enjoyed.
  • Ethical environments – where personal integrity is paramount, respect is central and reputation is everything.
  • Environment of excellence – in which individuals and teams are seeking to constantly raise the game and raise the bar.

I hope the Lions have a similar mantra, let us also hope they continue to grow as a unit, play well and give the All Blacks a real ‘run for their money’ , at the very least!