A six-month pilot of an “Uber for bikes” bike-sharing scheme is to start in Manchester and Salford on 29 June.

Under the scheme, over 1,000 bikes will be made available throughout the city, In a European first, the scheme runs by a cashless smartphone app and in-built smart locking system that allows users to locate, pick up and drop off bikes at any convenient – and legal – parking location, rather than use docking stations, as happens with the UK’s existing urban cycle hire schemes.

I think this is a really exciting/fun scheme, if it works it could have a big effect on Manchester, surely other cities would follow suit if it's deemed a success. With a 1000 extra bikes on the streets I hope they all have bells fitted! 

The pace of change/innovation is fascinating at the moment. We regularly see this, some of the search mandates we are given are roles that didn't exist five years ago.