Would you agree that if you cannot be the real you in the workplace then you are probably working for the wrong company?

Gone are the days when it is good enough just to hold down a job and turn up 9 to 5 to get your pay cheque. Today's work environments are far more transparent and there is more of a balance of decision making between candidate and employer in the recruitment process, at least there should be!

Far more power is in the hands of candidates in this digital age where there is so much information about companies, their people, culture, vision etc... at your finger tips (online). More companies expect to be challenged during the recruitment process and have developed an engaging recruitment process to ensure that they entice and secure the highest calibre candidates that are so critical in their business strategies.

There is no need to play a game and hide your true personality. Be clear and upfront with the potential employers you meet and don't secure a role in a company culture that won't suit you. It will all end in tears if you do so get it right first time.