Wow, so 72% of HR professionals expect competition to attract high calibre talent to their UK businesses to intensify during the next 3 years!! They are also already reporting current difficulties in hiring great people in the UK but with half of reported companies using an internal resourcing team, is this the right strategy going forward?

I am still a believer that companies need to invest strongly in the "passive" job market and focus less on candidates who are actively looking for a move. Proactive over reactive.

Unless you have an amazing employer brand and can offer something unique to potential candidates over your competitors then, I believe, you are going to struggle with a pure internal resourcing strategy. 

The large majority of companies I speak to know their business strategy 12 months to 3 years out, know what talent they need to achieve success and yet wait until the time they really need to make the appointments to start the recruitment process.

We know BREXIT is going to happen and so planning for it and starting to engage and nurture the talent you need has to start now. I do think that external partners are critical in this and have deeper relationships with talent in the "passive" job market.