I've just read this article on self control at work and I agree with almost all the points in it, actually I agree with all the points in it I would just put a different slant on a couple.

Two things this article suggests are that you have more self control if you give yourself time to re-energise and rest - totally agree, and also that organisational culture can negate negative behaviours - again totally agree.

Where I might suggest an add-on is that if you are in a role that you are constantly having to battle with self control you have to ask yourself if that job is right for you. 

I am a big believer in that your make up as a person offers clear direction and greater or lesser suitability in certain roles, sectors and cultures. We use assessments such as Hogan to give greater clarity on this, knowing yourself is fine but knowing what that means in terms of career direction is another.

In every leadership role I have had, inevitably I have had to manage myself, my words and my actions but this can go too far. I think there needs to be a certain level of natural harmony in your work that makes self control easier during those 'bite your lip moments'. 

Good article, worth a read.