I do actually agree that the starting point for planning change is a commercial one, at the end of the day with out commercial successes there is no business long term.

However, whilst getting my dose of Science Daily I read this article that points out the impact psychologically on workers during periods of change. There is not hiding the fact that change can be stressful but poorly planned and badly executed change can actually be damaging. Damaging to profits and also to the psychological well-being of our people.

As with most things when you strip this topic back to the basics it comes down to some simple points - trust and resilience, and these two words are most definitely linked.

As workers, if we trust in our leaders we feel more open to the changes they suggest. Simple!

Well not really, but there are some things we can control - plan strategically, thoroughly, be open minded and consider all possible outcomes and communicate well. Sounds simple - it's not always easy.