Lego is such a fantastic brand and one that everyone aspires to. However, this article is proof that you should never become complacent despite the heights you reach. 

This is proof that you need to re-invent yourself and keep up to date with market trends. With the business nearly going bust, Lego had not realised this, until they were given some advice. 

Here are some fascinating headlines that I have taken from the article:

- In 2003 the business was in $800m of debt and sales were 30% down year on year

- In 2015 they had profits of $660m! Now that is a turnaround!

-The factory manufacturers 120m bricks per day!

- In 2015 they sold 75bn bricks!

- The turnaround has been down to their movies, computer games, theme parks as well as licensed  products. 

- They focus on the kids of now and tomorrow. Not the past. They refuse to bring out old models for anniversaries. 

- Their company motto is 'Only the best is good enough'. They have certainly gone back to this in their way or working.