Whilst companies are clearly getting better at developing a robust and well thought through recruitment process, there are still far too many that see hiring their next employee as a hassle and just want to get a result as quickly as possible. A significant number believe that they will make the right decision as long as they select the best from a selection of candidates and always need someone to benchmark against. The reality is that if you don't know what good looks like and you merely select the best candidate you have seen then it is highly likely that you will end up disappointed!! Disappointment is also likely to cost you a lot of time and money and put your company backwards. You are better not to recruit than make the wrong decision.

I would strongly advise that you consider recruiting an employee in the same way as you would purchase a capital asset. In this case I am sure that you would invest time to really understand what is needed now and in the future, what will fit into your company and add value. 

You would develop a framework that will enable you to assess the capital asset and won't settle for second best. So why will you take short cuts when investing in a new employee!!