Collingwood has come to the end of its financial year, which is a time for us as a business to review the past year looking at our new and existing clients that continue to be delighted by our service. During our review, I was really pleased to win the annual award for ‘accountability’ voted for by my fellow peers. Accountability, along with innovation, integrity and listening are Collingwood’s values and the awards recognise those within the team that have demonstrated these values the most. In receiving this award I took the time out to reflect on what this means, in particular to my clients and the relationships I have built with them. 

Over the last 12 months, these relationships have been predominantly with HR Directors. So what value can a strong executive search and HRD relationship achieve, particularly for HRDs as they look to influence the stakeholders within their own business? HR’s remit continues to expand outside of a ‘people’ agenda so insights and experiences from outside of HR and across their sector are now more valuable than ever, as they look to advise their board on everything from competitor insights to employer branding.  

If you are in a HRD role ask yourself, outside of recruitment, what value are you getting from your executive search relationship? Are you getting more than just a ‘bum on a seat’? Here are some examples of the ‘accountability’ and value I’ve  personally shown over the last 12 months in helping HRDs increase their influence on their stakeholders community.