As a consultant who works with many businesses and across many sectors it is always interesting to see the commonalities that occur.

I have heard many leaders say things like "at the minute it is just heads down" and "we just need to crack on" or "we need to focus on our immediate results and not long terms goals". I am a business owner - I know the pressure of a VAT bill on the horizon and the worry of a tight cash flow and I concede there are indeed times where there needs to be a clear focus on the hear an now. 

The challenge during these times to not actually move yourself further away from your longer term goals, and this is where I would see company values become more important in short term thinking.

When you think about Vision it is a long term, macro thing - 'a place you are trying to get to'. Values are neither long term nor macro - they are all about the here and now and they often help you make short term decisions that don't have to compromise long term vision.

Thanks to this article below - it offers a great bit of insight and reflection.