The use of personality assessment or psychometric tools in a recruitment process appears to still be "marmite" for the clients I discuss the matter with.

I either open a very engaging conversation with Leaders who believe that such tools add high value in their recruitment process or I am shutdown quickly by others who prefer traditional interviewing methods and are extremely sceptical about the accuracy of personality testing.

I am personally in the strong advocat camp and have used a range of tools during my last 19 years as an Executive Search Consultant needing to hire Leaders who are "right first time" for my clients as anything else will affect culture, growth, strategic objectives and ultimately bottom line profit.

Recovering from the appointment of a poor Leader is not a quick fix, is very expensive and can affect all sorts within a business especially its culture and employees.

Getting an appointment right first time is critical and risk has to be minimised using as much data that is available on potential candidates. I don't believe that traditional interviews alone can get deep into the personality traits of individuals and I especially like the depth and accuracy provided by Hogan.

Using the data Hogan provides shouldn't stop when you have selected your successful candidate but the information is powerful and can be used to develop a robust On-boarding / Career Transition programme and then a personal development plan.

Whether it is Hogan or another provider, I highly recommend using personality testing in any recruitment process.