We base our research on Neuroscience for a very good reason, every person interacts with the world in a different way and that comes down to how we process and understand information. How we learn, how we communicate, our underlying traits are governed by our brains.

Of course our experiences in life may shape us in certain ways but I feel it is fair to say we all have predispositions that make up the most part of our personalities.

What I enjoy about this article below is that it makes a direct link from how we process information to how we work in teams. This being one of the core services we offer to exec teams looking to be more effective and collaborative.

Understanding how our colleagues learn, make decisions and their individual perspectives is the first step towards effective collaboration, without collaboration decision making becomes more challenging and disruptive.

So in the words of everyone's favourite - Albus Dumbledore "understanding is the first step to acceptance"!