The timing of this article is great as I recently had an experience with a client where all these potential pitfalls came into play!

I believe that the biggest risk to the appointment of any new Leader failing is their new employer / boss making assumptions. What I mean by this is a CEO assuming that because they have recruited an outstanding individual, they will succeed because they have all the right behaviours, capabilities and experience.

Taking the assumptive approach is so dangerous and likely to only end in failure, frustration, and a significant financial loss on your investment.

No matter how good your recruitment process has been in identifying the right person for your business and vacant role, without a robust On-boarding / Career Transition process, the risk of failure is very high.

I don't mean an HR induction process. I am talking about a process that ensures there is total clarity of objectives for the role, time-scales to be achieved and a plan of how success will be delivered. Left to create their own plan is a high risk strategy and is unlikely to be aligned to the overall Corporate Vision and will end in disappointment for everyone.