How important is defining your Purpose? Here is evidence from JD Sports' outdoor fascias Blacks and Millets.

With a lack of vision and purpose in the business before the takeover the customer was being forgotten about. The most important cog in the machine when it comes to retail! 

Yes, the JD Group have invested heavily in the estate, through store refurbs, as well as significant focus on their eCommerce business, but this alone what improve performance. It is evident that the store staff have bought in to the values as well. 

With the Outdoor business now performing strongly, and large profits being posted by the JD Group they must be getting something right. 

Evidence of its success, of focusing on the customer, is evident in some of their figures, with the increase in store conversion from 12 to 18%, for example.

Collingwood have supported a number of Retail businesses define their purpose and vision, along with analysing its success. It also shows the importance of having the right people and team in place to achieve the desired outcomes.