If we take a nice simple explanation of what leadership is such as that of Peter Drucker, who says "leadership is doing the right things" and we agree that a good leader also needs to have vision, potentially be a good influencer, be consistent - in actual fact we could keep going with this list for a long time, leadership ends up becoming very complicated.

Interestingly from the outside what could also easily be seen to be a complicated topic is neuroscience,  which in reality makes the complicated topic of leadership much more simple.

The article that is referenced below quotes Dr David Rock and his finding around how to best develop leadership qualities. His research sits well with our own approach to leadership development - 'keep it simple and let people learn in an effective way that suits them'.

What we are talking about here is more than personal preference though we are talking about how the brain learns.

Many learning and development strategies often set people up to fail because the outcomes are too complicated and the methods are unsuitable.

As mentioned in this insightful article, this research suggests the opposite - keeps it simple and allow learners the best environment to succeed.