For over 11 years our team at Collingwood have always been based in the same office and so on-boarding and induction has been easy.

As we have grown it was identified that we needed to reach further afield to attract employees who would make a big difference to and impact on our business. Just as we have created a very flexible work culture we had to consider remote workers.

I must admit that I hadn't thought too deeply into how it would work or how we needed to on-board remote workers differently but I do now!!

The biggest challenge we have had to overcome is communication and ensuring the remote workers are part and feel part of our team. Blending them into our culture, ensuring they are part of everyday conversations and feel they are an equal part of our success are all critical factors.

The successful recipe we have found to be effective is having regular team meetings to share warts and all about our business, ensuring that the team is together at least one whole day per week, checking in with remote workers by phone and ideally face to face (perhaps in their own environment) every week and the most important action has been to ensure good and bad news is shared real time.

It has to be a proactive, implemented process though as it is very easy  to forget employees you don't see very often! It has been a cultural change for Collingwood and we continue to learn.