Communication, in my opinion, is at an all time low. With the invention of social media and electronic messaging platforms, it seems like most of the world has lost its ability to communicate effectively. 

I strongly believe that if someone has taken the time to show interest in you or your products / services, then the least they deserve is feedback whether that be positive or negative.

It is critical in the world of recruitment not just to deliver a strong employer branding message but, for me, just out of sheer politeness. In the world of business it should be equally critical and there is nothing more irritating than when you have spent time engaging with a potential client / customer, invested in creating a world beating solution only for the prospect to fall off a cliff and never give you the time of day again!

At Collingwood, we pride ourselves on good communication and building strong relationships with all our stakeholders. We have always ensured that we reject candidates that are not going to progress in our Executive Search processes and although not an enjoyable task, it offers value to the candidate and allows them to reflect and improve for the next role they engage for.

Here are a few good tips on how you can reject someone who has been polite enough to engage with you.