This article by Marlin Hawk is spot on but I am not sure how many companies (clients) realise it yet!

I totally agree that the days of transactional Executive Search should be gone and that we should be adding far more value than introducing candidates and making appointments. 

We have considered ourselves as a Professional Services Consultancy, providing a range of solutions to Boards, for nearly 4 years and our value proposition still comes as a surprise to the majority of new companies we meet. We are focused on building partnerships for the long term, working with Boards to identify the pain they are suffering or getting in the way of them delivering their business strategy.

Unfortunately Executive Search and recruitment doesn't have the best of reputations and we are not yet fully considered beyond the transactional appointments that we have become synonymous with but I do feel the tide is turning! 

It is a far more exciting client partnership when we are Trusted Advisors who understand our cliients' strategies and can add real value to help them achieve it. So far removed from "placing people"!!