I really enjoyed reading this article, an interview with Luke Mansfield from PepsiCo. His views on innovation are quit clear, the process may be complicated but it should always lead to a simple solution. Makes sense, a complicated product for their market would be disastrous, they very much need to have the customer in mind. 

I have been involved in a number of innovation projects with clients and within my own business in the past and the ones that really fly are when you have deep dived every aspect of it and as with PepsiCo you have a clear end game.

Innovation is interesting as on the surface it appears to be all about creativity and entrepreneurship and in some cases this is true however you need just as much close mindedness in the process as you do creativity. A famous psychologist called Joy Paul Guilford describes this differentiation as Convergent and Divergent thinking, in innovation you need both. 

In simpler terms at every stage the implications of an innovation need to be given the red light as much as the green light and hopefully what is left is a simple solution that benefits the stakeholder.