The "norm" I have found in SME businesses when recruiting new employees is to find candidates who can do the job and who have already worked in your industry. I guess we could agree that this is the "safe" option but is it?

I must admit that as an SME business owner myself and a Leader in an Executive Search recruitment business, I used to focus on attracting consultants who had relevant experience and, I have to say, it was a mistake. We certainly had mixed results, most being poor!!

In recent years we have focused more on finding people with the right behaviours, values, passion and individuals who buy into our purpose. Typical Recruitment Consultants are only focused on money and that is a real problem for Collingwood. We are all about a Moral Compass, delivering excellence, being customer centric and working as a team not in individual silos. Doing a great job will bring financial benefits but starting out with financial goals at the forefront will encourage all the wrong behaviours, and it did!!

I am now a strong advocate of bringing together the right team and realising that it might take a bit more time to achieve great things but that you will certainly have a more successful and sustainable business in the future.

This article provides a great start to assembling a high performing team.