There have been many articles written about Sir Howard’s time/achievements at Manchester City Council, quite rightly so, his story is extremely impressive. However, as Sir Howard points out, "I don’t think anybody can ever say that a city is complete, cities constantly reinvent themselves and there are different phases in a city’s transformation. So the job’s never done. I could be here for another 50 years.”
There is a relevant expression to this thought process; If you stand still, you go backwards. Possessing a growth mindset is crucial, in short, having a belief that most abilities/progress can be developed through dedication and hard work, continuous development and change. 

It is a good point. It’s no time to dwell on the past, it’s time to keep moving forward. As this article points out Manchester is dotted with cranes, innumerable new buildings, and endless gangs of construction workers. As ever, the city feels impatient and restless.

However, there is always time to reflect, I know we are all busy but reflecting/taking time out helps us to see the bigger picture more clearly, learn from our and other people's mistakes, generate great ideas, refocus… the list goes on. It’s just a thought as we all plough on with our various projects.

Leaving a legacy is a motivator for many, one day we might be able to say we built this, metaphorically speaking. One never knows, in time the Northern Powerhouse might become a ‘place’!