I stumbled onto this article today and it really made me chuckle, a leadership lesson in the context of a cartoon. 

Very creative and so true - actually it works in quite a few situations, for example Sherlock Holmes. There is always a big reveal at the end when finally us mere mortals along with Dr Watson find out who done it! All the subtle details come out and the pieces combine to finish a complicated jigsaw.  

We can all think of jobs we have had where employees didn't understand the bigger picture and indeed how they fit into that - how they contribute to it's success. Also there are plenty of MD's out there that look at a small number of employees knowing that if their expertise leaves, they are in trouble.

Actually my experience shows that most businesses see that employees benefit from understanding company vision and direction, organisations also see that succession and development of talent is business critical and that 'fire fighting' is not going to drive growth.

Most see it, more need to act on it.