On-boarding or Career Transitioning is thankfully gaining momentum with organisations when they appoint new Leaders but it still remains a poor relative to a standard HR induction process!

I am amazed that companies are willing to spend £1000's on recruiting new Leaders and then stop their investment when the individual joins. Until we view recruitment as an investment and are clear what return we seek on it, I think On-boarding will only ever remain a good idea.

We have been providing Career Transitioning as an integral part of our Executive Search service for 18 months now and our clients have enjoyed huge benefits from it. Our programme is focused on cultural integration and delivering a clear set of 90 day objectives through a tripartite agreement with their line manager (usually MD or CEO).

We are strong advocates of On-boarding that has nothing to do with an HR induction and love the book Watkins wrote decades ago on this subject. Well worth a read!