The systems and techniques we use at Collingwood are based on neuroscience, empirically evidenced and academically validated. 

We operate this way as it gives us an opportunity to ground all our facilitation, coaching and programmes in fact, or rather as close to fact as we can bearing in mind that people are not computers - we are still emotional creatures.

This article leads me to think about many of the day to day conversations I have with MD's around the recognisable problem of helping individual workers to feel an ownership or at least see how they contribute to the bigger picture.

This article distinguishes rather well a difference between 'climate' and 'culture', admittedly in the context of innovation but I think this works in others as well. For example the climate is the tool, or the process and the culture is the surrounding atmosphere or environment.

Where I am going with this is that "the bigger picture" is the result, the climate is action or the things we do and the culture is the how we go about it.

What Apple also had which is a huge contributor to creating ownership is the "Why" give someone that and they will feel part of something larger.