The Global economy continues to grow and change and with it the challenges of attracting and acquiring Talent that will accelerate the performance of your business does too!

This research from Korn Ferry highlights the need for employers to realise that they are no longer in the box seat when recruiting. 

In our experience, there are very few companies that have top talent queuing up to work for them if they haven't invested in any intelligent talent attraction or pipelining strategy. Throw into the mix that "candidates" are more emotionally intelligent today than ever before and focus on the "touchy feely" elements of a potential new employer and their jobs and the world of candidate attraction becomes very complicated!

Long gone are the days of candidates only looking at a job description to make a decision. The amount of time they now spend researching potential new employers is staggering but they expect to live and breathe what it would be like to work for you via your Facebook, Twitter, other social channels and your  website. Word of mouth is also critical and they expect to see videos and this is all before they even engage with you!

The reality is that you need to invest in providing a candidate experience which is at the same level of the customer experience you provide.

Stop being arrogant expecting candidates to queue up and be engaged with when YOU are ready and start realising there is lots of choice out there with your competitors ready to take advantage of your disterest in advanced talent attraction.