The debate and research into diversity in the work place is a really interesting one. It is also a very frustrating one. As someone who just wants to identify and secure THE best talent for our clients, I think it is absurd to target a specific race, gender etc... just to "get the numbers up"!!

This research from Harvard is interesting though and I agree that there is a strong unconscious bias in any recruitment process that is aligned to achieving a status quo. Companies do see the recruitment of an individual that would be seen as a minority in their organisation as a risk rather than the opportunities it would bring if they are outstanding and will raise the bar among their leadership team.

As an Executive Search consultancy that invests a lot of time understanding our client's cultures to ensure that we hire talent that aligns, it does need a different thought process from our client to break the status quo.

We have a portfolio of clients who have proactively gone out to break their status quo and over a number of years have achieved an outstanding team from all sorts of backgrounds, genders, race etc... and are now outperforming their competitors who haven't.

Just focus on recruiting THE best people for your business and you will see your performance accelerate.