When you manage to get past all the drama reported in the news there are glimmers of opportunity and positives starting to emerge. It appears to me that in the UK we are getting used to the fact that we are operating in a more and more disruptive and volatile trading economy.

It also seems to me that there is a feeling of "well here we are, so lets crack on", and we are good at that in the UK. Not that we enjoy this disruption at Collingwood but we do embrace it and we are involved in some projects that are actually very inspiring as a result.

Working with exec teams that are making plans no longer just about survival but strategies for growth is excellent to see.

We help businesses to understand their current realities, devise a clear picture of where they want to be and of course the big challenge of 'how they can get there'. 

Brexit may well be the motivator to reassess the direction of your organisation, devise new plans for growth and then as per my earlier example "crack on" and make it happen.