Hindsight is a wonderful thing and if we knew what we know now at the start of our careers, I am sure that our journey would have been very different!!

As the founder of Collingwood, a professional services business, I would have loved to have had the insights from a range of successful Chief Executives before I established our company in May 2005. However, I didn't and so the journey has been rich with personal learnings and indeed it continues to be. Learning from mistakes is important for your personal development.

Reading this article I would certainly agree with and have implemented the following 5 recommendations and would recommend them to any of you either looking to set up a new business or becoming a leader for the first time;

1. Learn and respect the entire business

2. Get a mentor

3. Don't try and do everything yourself

4. Put people before profits

5. Remain open to new opportunities

Ultimately though, there isn't really one set of ideas that will lead you to success but putting personal learning at the top of your agenda and constantly reading and listening to what is happening in the world, the latest innovations and leadership ideas is key to anyone's success.