Last weeks Office of National Statistics (semi) optimistic upgrade to construction growth and an increase in London skyscraper pipeline points firmly to no such Article 50 wobble.  I have read various articles over the past month pointing towards more optimism for FY17/18; especially coming from the Buildings magazines recent survey of CEO's and Chairmen of large building product and construction firms.  Some three-quarters of respondents expect to increase head count over the coming financial year.

However, with this increased demand comes an increased demand for skilled labor and thus supply and demand issues again come into force.  The below article highlights that one-third of labors on British sites are now over the age of 50.  Furthermore there is the well documented strain post EU will have on semi and skilled labor from other European countries.

So could Semi-Automated Mason (SAM) be a solution to the above?  This smart piece of kit can apparently lay 3000 bricks as apposed to 500 laid by a builder.