Personal impact is a big thing in leadership, as organisations grow your touch points with employees become smaller and smaller. Understanding how you come across during these critical moments is very important. 

But self-awareness goes further than that in a leadership role. We must understand our strongest abilities and also limitations, confidence is all very well, but overconfidence can cause irreparable damage to a business.

We use Hogan a great deal with CEO's, MD's and exec teams. If you haven't used Hogan before, my opinion is it gives you more scope to plan for personal development than other assessments and surely any assessment needs to do more than just describe the ‘as is’. Also discussing a successful person's limitations needs to be founded on something more than opinion or gut feel.

An open-minded executive, a skilled coach and a Hogan report can wield some excellent business results. Those leaders who embrace personal development are the ones that build the strongest organisations.