As a founder of a business, finding effective methods to identify top talent to fuel our growth at exactly the time we need them is an ongoing conundrum. This is despite the fact that we are specialists in Executive Search!!

During the last 12 months, we have settled on a winning formula which ensures that we consistently deliver a number of key employer branding and recruitment activities. These include;

1. Create strong employer branding content and consistently share it via relevant social media channels every day. Let potential candidates learn about the personality of your business and team as well as the great work you do for your clients / customers.

2. Create attractive job adverts or slide shares and leave them on your website at all times.

3. Motivate your employees to refer you to great people. If they love them then they are likely to be aligned to your culture and values.

4. Find a recruitment specialist who buys into your business strategy, aligns to your values and who is happy to invest in you for long term outcomes. Although you have to pay a fee, recruiters will be able to provide you with some golden nuggets (candidates) that you might not otherwise identify.

In summary, you need to nurture your candidate pool at all times and not just kick into action when you actually have a vacancy to fill. Create a strong employer brand and people will wait until you are ready to employ them.