As a family business ourselves and having partnered family businesses to recruit key Leaders for the last 12 or so years, this article provides a great example as to why recruiting an "outsider" CEO can have such a positive impact.

The key to any success of inviting an "outside" Leader into a family business is the amount of empowerment and autonomy you are willing to give them. In my experience, we have recruited some exceptional leaders for family business who have the best of intentions to empower them and allow them to innovate and inspire the business to accelerate its performance. The reality, however, has been very different and frustrating for our recruits whose ideas and motivation for change have been quickly stiffled usually due to the worry around risk of change. When this happens any investment made to attract exceptional talent becomes a total waste.

On the other hand I have also worked with family companies who see the bigger picture and recruit new Leaders who share a Vision and allow them to deliver it. This usually results in growth and a more robust business that reinvents itself for future success.